"La Nascita di PAM"  progetto di Carlo Gori per il MACRO ASILO Performance di Yoshio Terajima 2019


PAM Play Art Meme is the new flow of "infinite art" which debuted for the first time at the MACRO Museum in June 2019 to play together in the name of pleasure. The Japanese artists Takehiro Kawatani, Mayu Kunihisa, Mitsunobu Miyamoto, Miyuki Nishizawa, Setsuko, Yuhei Takada, Yoshio Terajima and Toko Yamamoto, accompanied by Carlo Gori (as curator and artist), created a surprising playground with the help of the visitors themselves where the creative energy of all people was best supported to merge finally into a real total artwork. Yes, art is really beautiful only if everyone can enjoy it as a protagonist. Then, if the project is also in common, art is even better!

As PAM Play Art Meme we are infinitely grateful for the huge audience that actively participated in our project, made up of ordinary people and artists. On behalf of all we remember some of them for their special contribution: Caltanino, Matteo Di Giamberardino i 2x0, Vittoria Locurcio, Marco Pocina, Alice Regis.

Heartfelt thanks for the precious organizational, promotional, photographic and interpreting support of Carlo Bassoli, Carlo Maria Causati, Miki Hirashima, Tomoe Hisayama, Adriana Jugaru, Nicola Marcucci, Lucia Nakamoto, Stelvio Peti and Tomoko Tomy Tamura.

Thanks very much to the MACRO Museum of Rome, to the MACRO ASILO project and to all the staff for the hospitality.

We will keep a special memory for all those who accompanied our adventure with an affectionate feeling of sharing.

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